Mr Thomas' 500km Challenge

Mr Thomas’ 500km Challenge


IMG_2819CHALLENGE COMPLETE! – This morning I completed my challenge by cycling to Saint Mary’s, meaning that I have covered over 500km this month. To say that I am glad it’s over would be an understatement. So far I have raised over £400 in kind donations – many thanks to those of you who have contributed, the children will benefit from this greatly. I will continue to collect donations over the next week. If you would like to bring in cash, please let either myself, your child’s class teacher or the office have this and it will be added to the other contributions. Alternatively, my JustGiving page is still live and you can add donations on there ( Many thanks to all the staff, children, friends and family who has supported me throughout the month, I really appreciate it.

UPDATE 27.2.17 – WOW! I have only just checked my JustGiving page as I have been running (what else would I be doing other than cycling?!) and I am so pleased to see that I have raised over £300 in kind donations. Tomorrow I will be cycling to Saint Mary’s to complete my 500km challenge. You may see my in Lycra in the morning with a donations bucket and if you do (please try not to laugh) and give any donation you can. Roll on tomorrow! ONLY 16.4KM TO GO!

UPDATE 26.2.17 – THE FINAL HURDLE! A planned 30km cycle turned into a 45.4km ride over nearly 2 hours, bringing my total distance covered to 463.2km. I now have the two final days of February to cover the last 36.8km. So far I have also raised £183 for the Saint Mary’s. Thanks to those of you who have already donated and any last minute donations would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE 25.2.17 – ONLY 82.KM TO GO! I have been busy running and cycling this weekend, squeezing in as many kilometres as I can before my challenge finishes next week. Tomorrow I aim to cycle over 30km my beloved Manchester United play in the EFL Final.

IMG_2808.JPG-1IMG_2805-3UPDATE 22.2.17 – Sorry I haven’t updated this page over the last couple of days, I have been busy running around London (whilst visiting the Houses of Parliament). My challenge is nearing an end now with ONLY 132.9KM TO GO and I would still really appreciate your support to reaching my £250 target. I will be running another half marathon over the weekend and going on a long cycle ride before I finish my 500km challenge on Tuesday. Below are a couple of pictures of myself running whilst taking in the sights of London.

Mr Thomas 500kmUPDATE 18.2.17 –  Today I completed a 10km run and 11.7km on my bike, taking my total distance covered to 331.4km. Left is a picture of me being given a wash after my 21.7km effort. ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT AND 168.6KM TO GO!

UPDATE 15.2.17 – Another hard session in the gym today means that I have now passed the half way mark to achieving my 500km target. A 10km run on the treadmill and a 20km cycle means that I have now ran or cycled 274.2km. ONLY 225.8KM TO GO!

UPDATE 14.2.17 – BACK ON TRACK! Despite a life threatening bout of man flu severely hinder9ing my progress over the last couple of days, I am now back on track to achieving my 500km target. Today I opted to avoid the blistering winds by completing a total of 35km in the gym (10km run and 25km cycle). Tomorrow I will be running and cycling. Whether or not my legs will allow this is another question. ONLY 255.8KM TO GO!

UPDATE 9.1.17 – 20.1km cycle completed tonight. Tomorrow I will be cycling to Saint Mary’s and back to Disley (approximately 35km). ONLY 336.3KM TO GO!

UPDATE 8.2.17 – Near freezing conditions didn’t stop tonight’s 20.3km cycle through Poynton and Bramhall. ONLY 356.4KM TO GO!

UPDATE 6.2.17 – Rain, what rain? Despite the wet weather, a 20.6km run this evening pushes me over the first 100km mark. ONLY 387.2KM TO GO!

UPDATE 5.2.17 – Sore knees after yesterday’s running! Nonetheless, I completed a 13.2km cycle through Lyme Park and Disley this morning, spotting a few familiar faces along the way! Tomorrow I will be breaking the first 100km barrier. ONLY 407.8KM TO GO!

UPDATE 4.2.17 – There’s no rest for the wicked! Today I completed a half marathon (21km) and a 10.5km cycle, meaning that I am now ahead of my daily targets and well on the way to completing 500km. ONLY 421KM TO GO!

UPDATE 2.2.17 – My January training has finished and my 500km challenge is now well underway. I am currently on track to reaching my target distance by the end of the month and I am aiming to run a half marathon (21km) at the weekend. Wish me luck! ONLY 466KM TO GO!


In order to raise funds for the school, I will be running and cycling throughout the month of February. Whilst many people will have stopped going to the gym by the end of January, I have challenged myself to run or cycle everyday, with the aim of covering at least 500km.

All proceeds will be donated to Saint Mary’s, to purchase some new P.E. equipment for the children to enjoy in school. I am aiming to raise £250 of donations to help update the school’s sports facilities.

About my challenge

Glossop to Inverness

Saint Mary’s, Glossop to Inverness, Scotland

To put this into perspective, 500km (311 miles) is the equivalent distance from Saint Mary’s School to Inverness, Scotland or Antwerp, Belgium.

With February being the shortest month of the year, I will need to cover an average of 18km per day (11 miles). However, I aim to complete a number of half marathons and long distance cycle routes within the month.

There will be regular updates at the bottom of this page, detailing the distance I cover each day and more importantly how much further I need run or cycle to reach the 500km mark.

Your support would be greatly appreciated and if you are able to give a donation, please do.

Please see the link below for my Just Giving page:

Many thanks for your support,

Mr Thomas
Year 3 Class Teacher

Progress Tracker

Date Distance Covered Total Distance Distance to 500km
1st Feb 14.2km 14.2km 485.8km
2nd Feb 19.8km 35km 466km
3rd Feb 13.5km 48.5km 451.5km
4th Feb 31.5km 79km 421km
5th Feb 13.2km 92.2km 407.8km
6th Feb 20.6km 112.8km 387.2km
7th Feb 10.5km 123.3km 376.7km
8th Feb 20.3km 143.6km 356.4km
9th Feb 20.1km 143.7km 336.3km
10th Feb 23.2km 166.9km 333.1km
11th Feb 11.1km 178km 322km
12th Feb 9.8km 187.8km 312.2km
13th Feb 21.4km 209.2km 290.8km
14th Feb 35km 244.2km 255.8km
15th Feb 30km 274.2km 225.8km
16th Feb 5.1km 279.3km 220.7km
17th Feb 31.4km 309.7km 190.3km
18th Feb 21.7km 331.4km 168.6km
19th Feb 5.1km 336.5km 163.5km
20th Feb 10.3km 346.8km 153.2km
21st Feb 11.2km 358km 142km
22nd Feb 9.1km 367.1km 132.9km
23rd Feb 13.2km 380.3km 119.7km
24th Feb 12.9km 393.2km 106.8km
25th Feb 24.6km 417.8km 82.2km
26th Feb 45.4km 463.2km 36.8km
27th Feb 20.4km 483.6km 16.4km
28th Feb 18.2km 501.8km 0km